Trip to New York City!

We had the opportunity to visit New York City with a German exchange student our church was hosting. I’ve never really done the “touristy stuff” in NYC, so it was a unique experience for me! We also usually park in Hoboken and take the PATH over, but took the Staten Island Ferry for this trip. Here are the kids waiting patiently for the ferry:
And Nicholas pretending to be a race car driver:

At last, the ferry arrives!

And away we go!

Seeing the Statue of Liberty in the harbor was amazing:
One of Katie Grace’s co-op classes was a National Parks class, and she had to do a presentation. We were very excited to discover that the Statue of Liberty Island and Ellis Island are national parks!
As impressive as the statue was from the boat, it was even more amazing up close:

And we even got to eat lunch with Msr. Batholdhi, the designer!
Next we headed over to Ellis Island. Unfortunately at this point, Katie Grace was pretty sick with a nasty cough.
Also unfortunately, this is where our camera ran out of juice:

After Ellis Island, we took the subway to Time Square and checked it out. From there, we walked to Rockerfeller Center and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. We also made a stop at American Girl Place. We took the subway to Chinatown for a most excellent dinner at the Excellent Dumpling, and then headed home.