We met the Duggar family!

A week or so ago, we discovered that the Duggars would be coming to a city about two hours away. When we finished school in April, the kids made “treasure maps” of things they would like to do or experiences they would like to have over the next year. One item on Katie Grace’s list was “meet the Duggars”.  And even before that, when the babies were first born and I was recovering, we would sit together on the bed and watch “19 Kids and Counting”. It was so nice to watch a reality show where people were actually being kind to one another! So of course, I decided that I needed to make this happen if at all possible. I secured a sitter for the boys, packed up Katie Grace and the twins, and off we went.

Two hot babies, waiting in line.

It was a VERY hot day– 102 degrees, according to the thermometer in our van!– so waiting in the line for an extended amount of time with the babies was out of the question. We got there around 5, bought our book, and hiked over to Panera Bread Company for dinner.

They told us that around 6 they would be letting people in the store, so we hopped in line around 5:30.

The line was huge and snaked all the way around and back! The babies were sweet and made lots of friends, though. We met homeschoolers and some other large families.
Just part of the line!

Here comes the Duggar bus!

And a Duggar truck as well.

The Duggars walking by our Duggar van.

Jim Bob, Michelle, and Josie

Matty in the sling while waiting in line.

We went through the line twice. The first time we were lucky enough to get Michelle’s table. I couldn’t help it– I teared up like a dork. I think part of it was just the sheer happiness of meeting someone who lived at least a little bit like we do– large family, Christian, conservative, homeschoolers. And it was also bringing back memories from the babies’ first days. I told her a little of my story and she touched my hand and said God must have great things in store for our family. She gushed over the babies and said she liked our double stroller.

Molly nursing in line the second time through.

We went through the line the second time and saw Josh and Anna, Johanna, and… I don’t even remember! Then we scootched over to the table where John David and Jana were. Jana also liked the babies, and assured me that she and John David are best friends. That’s what I want for my twins!

What the babies liked best.

We could have gone through the line one last time and had Jim Bob and Jinger sign our book, but at that point both Mama and the babies were tired. And we still had a two hour drive! So although it disappointed Katie Grace, we hopped in our own Duggar van and drove home.

I’m really not one to gush over celebrities, but this trip brought us a lot of joy. It was also very empowering to know I could pull something like this off with 6-month-old twins! We’re very, very blessed.


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    Love it! I’m so glad you guys got to go! It’s amazing to see pictures and think they’re all “real” people – not that pictures are any more “real” than a TV show, but, you know… LOL Go, Super Mama!! 🙂

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    That is awesome!! I heart their show!! Glad to see Josie is well enough to get out now too!! How very exciting!! I would love to meet them! 🙂

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    Your joy is really moving, Annette. *hugs* <3

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    That’s so sweet! We have very little in common with the Duggars, but I love watching them on television because they seem so lovely and genuine and they really seem to live life according to their beliefs, and I have a lot of respect for that. So many people *say* they are something but live completely differently, but they are different than that, I think. So I like them a lot. 🙂 xo

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