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From my notebook…

Snow-Covered Snack Mix
This easy peasy idea is a yummy winter snack. Just mix together yogurt-covered raisins and yogurt-covered pretzels. My kids like to put them in a brown paper baggie and shake them up themselves.

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From my notebook…

The WHY Box

This one is my own idea.

Decorate a shoe box with a slit in the lid or a tissue box together. Keep slips of paper or index cards nearby, and encourage your children to write down questions they have or things they wonder. When you have some spare moments, pull a question and find out the answer together.

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  1. Oh, I really like that idea!

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From my notebook…

Outdoor Painting
While the weather is still nice, you might enjoy this fun outdoor activity. Tape a large piece of paper to a fence or the outside of a building. Fill juice cans with paint and pant with large easel brushes.


  1. Can I come live with you?

  2. Sure! 😀

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