From My Notebook

From my notebook…

Location, Location, Location

I’m taking a break from Advent and Christmas to share this fun idea from my notebook. Use a set of measuring spoons to show the relationship between geographical concepts. Label the smallest spoon with your address, the next smallest with your city, then your state, your country, continent, and so on. The smaller spoons rest in the larger spoons, showing how they’re all related!
From My Notebook, Nursery School

From my notebook…

Who Am I?
A draw-and-guess riddle

I am small and have some fur. (Draw an oval)
I have eyes, a nose, and whiskers. (Add eyes, a nose, and whiskers)
I squeak, but I don’t purr. (Draw a mouth)
I have a long thin tail. (Add a mouse tail)
I might live in your house! (Draw a house shape around the mouse)
I have two little ears. (Draw ears)
I’m small and furry–a mouse!