A Day in the Life

I’ve mentioned before that I like to wake up about an hour before everyone else and do some praying and spiritual reading. (ETA: Actually, looking back for a post to link, I’ve never mentioned this. But I do. Consider it mentioned.)  These are the books I am working from right now:

The Holy Bible

Prayers for the Domestic Church

The Apostolate of Holy Motherhood (Complete with thrift store sticker still on the  cover, LOL!)

On this particular Tuesday morning, I began with the following:

Lord my God,
I have risen form the prayer of death, from my sleep,
and now share in that daily resurrection called dawn.

Michael and Katie Grace came down soon after, and we went for a run as soon as I got the oatmeal going. Katie Grace is doing Girls on the Run and will be running a 3K in April. This is my fourth time through Couch to 5K, but my first time doing it outside and not on a treadmill. I found a podcast of indy Christian music that I’m enjoying.

When we got home, it was oatmeal time! I slipped a little surprise at the bottom of each bowl– a couple of chocolate chips!

Once the laundry was hung out and the dishes were taken care of, it was time for devotions. We did a lot of singing yesterday morning, and Daniel accompanied us on guitar.

Then it was time to start the school day! The little boys played while we did Story of the World. The children were shocked to find that “The Cry of Delores” did not refer to Umbridge yelling about filthy half-breeds. They cemented their knowledge by drawing a page and writing a summary of what they learned.

See that orange binder next to the laptop? That is my brain. It’s my homeschooling notebook that contains EVERYTHING I need for homeschooling– lesson plans, assignment sheets, yearly plans, calendars, schedules, attendance and subject records– EVERYTHING.

Next the littles had their St. Patrick’s Day circle while the older two got started on their independent work. Then Daniel played with dinosaurs while Nicholas and I spent a little time together. We’re telling the story of The Three Bears, and Nicholas enjoyed grating nutmeg that we’ve been using in everything– “porridge,” oatmeal, this morning’s homemade French toast sticks.

While he was in the kitchen, he decided to help me make some rolls. About 50 rolls, to be more precise. Note to self: Do not start a recipe without looking to see how much it makes, especially if said recipe is from another MOMYS (Mothers of Many Young Siblings). Although, would you believe it, the rolls are already more than half gone?

This is my stand mixer. It’s not the KitchenAid of my dreams, but it’s an awesome little Oster Kitchen Center, I’m guessing circa late ’70s or early ’80s, given the color scheme. I got it for $30 at a church rummage sale and not only does it have beaters and dough hooks, it also has a food processor, blender, meat grinder, pasta maker, ice crusher, ice cream maker, juicer, and I’m sure I am forgetting something. Best $30 I ever spent. Esther isn’t pretty, but she gets the job done. Behind Ms. Esther Oster is our jug of mint sun tea– a sure sign of warmer days!

After a quick snack of apple slices and graham crackers, we were back to work!

Katie Grace’s main lesson was first. Using A Little Garden Flower‘s third grade book, we read about Sad Prince Prime who couldn’t find any friends. We drew a Sieve of Eratosthenes and found lots of friends for him!

Michael’s main lesson was next. No pictures– he doesn’t like it when I take too many pictures of him– but we’re working on beginning set theory and rules of divisibility. Fun stuff. We were interrupted when Katie Grace came to show us her great science experiment– Wow! I can hold this glass upside down and the index card stays on and holds the water in!– which was great until she got excited, jumped, and spilled the water everywhere. Oh well. Clean up is fun, too.

And then a bunch of stuff happened that I didn’t get pictures of. Sigh.

We had lunch– homemade veggie soup that had been simmering all morning and homemade rolls. And then clean up. And then reading out loud from The Whipping Boy. Then Katie Grace went to orchestra and Michael worked on his comic strip that he’s making. Look! I did get a picture of that!

While Michael did this, I worked on getting some packages together for some books I have for sale. Much playing outside occurred, because it was an absolutely glorious day. Around 4, we came in and cleaned the living room, stairs, hall, and bedrooms. Katie Grace got ready for ballet and then went with Daddy while I made the chili. After dinner, the older kids went to a concert of the New York String Orchestra. I actually called in a sitter to watch the two little ones so I could run some errands. Thank goodness for youth group kids! When I came home, it was bedtime.

And that’s a day in our life!


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    Hi! My mom had that mixer when I was growing up. It is from the 70s. Many good and tasty memories from that mixer. Thanks for the memories!

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    What a great day! Very inspirational that you can indeed feed everyone, have lesson time, fun time, and still have an hour of quiet/prayer time for mom!

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    I absolutely LOVE it when you write posts like this! Thank you for taking the time and the pictures and for sharing 🙂

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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    Ang, thanks for the info on the mixer! I always wondered…

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    Thanks, Kara– I enjoy writing them!

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