A (not so little) update

I keep meaning to post how we’re doing, but I don’t quite know how to phrase things without sounding crabby and complaining.

I am 35 weeks, 6 days. This is a huge deal. My midwife said getting to 36 weeks would be good, 37 would be better, and 38 would be perfect.  My personal goal was to make it to November 19 so the older two and I could go see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, although I must say that the further along I get, the less important this goal seems.

The babies are doing great. At my last ultrasound three weeks ago, they were each around 5 pounds. They’re rocking the non-stress tests once a week, although I am slightly concerned by the fact that only one of them ever seems to want to cooperate at a time.

I’m not on bedrest exactly, but I have no energy to do anything. This makes nesting difficult and slightly anxiety producing. Mostly I just yell at other people to do stuff. We’re still homeschooling, although it’s pretty bare bones at this point. My hubby has taken over taking the 4 children to co-op on Fridays. Through a generous gift from friends, we hired a cleaning lady. We traded in our Town and Country for a Duggar van. We have the carseats installed and my hospital bag is packed. We’ll find out this week if at least Baby A is head down. They’re still flipping all over the place.

My blood pressure is up and my iron is low. My mood is all over the place. My belly button has disappeared. I look and feel like a baby elephant. Still, I’m not sure if I’m ready for it all to be over. Two babies on the inside are hard, but two babies on the outside will be something completely new to get used to!

(Twin belly at 31, 33, and 34 1/2 weeks, respectively)


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    You are amazing, Annette! I’m inspired everytime you give updates on all the kids!
    You rock!!
    Jen D’Agostino

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    You look fantastic! Enjoy every moment in these final days before the babies are born. You are very blessed to have such a wonderful family. Have a pleasurable, peaceful birth!

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    Keep going Mama! I made it to 37 and 6 days…and it was a very easy delivery! Best wishes to you!

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    I wasn’t ready for it to be over, too. But they’ll come when they’re ready and soon you’ll have two beautiful babies to hold! You’re lovely. Keep up the good work!

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    Praying for you…way to go keepin the wee ones in! xo

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    Well, I think your a cute little mama elephant. Twins are so crazy. Do you have meals lined up?

    I love that you were able to get a cleaning lady. That must be wonderful.

    I will continue to pray for your little babies. I will especially pray for your comfort when they get here. I’m sure it won’t be easy.

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    Thank you for all the warm thoughts and prayers. You have no idea how much it means.

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