Another update


It seems I’m all about update and not about content lately. But I’m hoping that will be changing soon, as I miss writing. Obviously, this is no longer a homemaking/homeschooling/Waldorf blog, since the children are going to school, I’m working full-time at a Reggio-Emilia inspired early childhood center, and I’m getting a divorce. Some things you might see include

  • music and early childhood
  • music in general
  • early childhood in general
  • comparing and contrasting various schools of thought on child development and early childhood education
  • single motherhood
  • life in a big city
  • working and homemaking
  • fostering a love of the arts
  • early childhood environments
  • opera and children

If these things sound interesting, I hope you’ll stick around and continue on this journey. If they don’t, I hope you’ll try it anyway and let me know what you think.

Peace to you!


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    Can’t wait to see what comes next!
    Of course I’ll stick around 🙂

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    I will be pooping in from time to time, and interested to read your thoughts and insights into the topics listed.

    Take care.

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