Big Plans, Big Trip!

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I don’t think I blogged about it, but right before Michael (remember little Michael?!?!?) went off to college, he and I went on a trip to Disney World. We saw all four parks in our time there, and it was a wonderful relaxing time. I’d like to think we made some amazing memories, and it was so good to bond with him before he went away. I miss him terribly.

At one point, I looked at him and said “You know, IiPiccy-collage wish I could have afforded to bring you all here when you were little. As much fun as we’re having, it would be so awesome to see the look of wonder and experience the park through a small child’s eyes.”

Ever since then, I’ve been thinking. The twins turn seven this year. Seven has always been a very significant age for me. In the Catholic church, it’s the age of reason. In Waldorf education, it’s when children typically learn to read. At seven, so many things shift– cognitively, emotionally, morally, socially. It’s truly a magical age. Couple this with my own thoughts and emotions swirling around their birthdays– you may remember I almost died when they were born— and I want to make this birthday special.


To make a long story short (TOO LATE!) I really would like to plan a trip to Disney World. My plan is to tell them at Christmas and to go the first week of January. I have been lucky enough to be given a free place to stay, and due to the prohibitive cost of flying, we will probably drive. Just to be safe and because of my epilepsy, sixteen-year-old Katie Grace will be our sidekick. The plan is just two days in the Magic Kingdom. That’s all.

To make this happen, I will be selling a ton of homeschool books and materials, as well as some other stuff that is taking up space. I’m not quite sure where I’ll be listing them– I may put an album on the Facebook page if I can do that– but it’s past time to get rid of them anyway. I’ll also be pushing my Seasons of Joy ebooks. I have been meaning to write a Twelve Days of Christmas book as an accompaniment to my Advent Seasons of Joy, so we will see if that happens. Meanwhile, don’t forget that Martinmas is coming up and there is still plenty of autumn left and then comes winter, so don’t forget Seasons of Joy!

I am writing this here for a couple reasons, mostly because if I say it, then I will have to do it. But if you see the twins, don’t tell them. It’s a surprise.