Book Report: Homesick by Jean Fritz

Michael read this book as part of Story of the World, Volume 4. I received the assignment in an email from him with a note that said “In case you want to post it on your blog.” So here it is!

My own story

By Jean Fritz
A book report by Michael Frontz

Homesick is a book about an American girl who
lives in China. It is book about the author’s life but it
is not quite an auto-biography. The author says in the
forward that she changed some things and moves
some events that happened later in her life to fit the
The book tells us about her life in China home
away from home. She misses America even though
she has never been there in her entire life. She has
to deal with being called a foreign devil and when
she does not sing “God save the King” because her
country is America she gets sent home early from
When she goes to America she finds that not
everything is how she expected. The teacher in her
class is mean, and some kids are impudent but she
learns to love America.