Giveaway Tuesday!

I haven’t done this for a while, but I wanted to share some fun giveaways from around the web. Be sure to sign up for a chance to win some great stuff!

Over at “It’s Really Only a Purple World” there’s a giveaway for a pair of warm and fuzzy slipper socks from Aroma Home. She has lots of different ways to win, so be sure to check it out.

Life More Simply is giving away a sweet little natural wooden teething ring form Ringley.

Fabulous Family Reviews and Giveaways is giving away a “Dipe n’ Go”– great for family on the go!

Mommies with Cents is giving away Adiri Ultimate Nursers. I’ve heard good things about these bottles, especially for breastfeeding babies!

You can enter to win a sweet little baby bathtub from Hoppop over at Natural Baby Goods. (Notice I am gravitating towards the baby goods!)

Over at Sweeps4Bloggers they’re giving away Word Pirates, a game that looks like lots of fun for my homeschoolers. You could also keep your homeschoolers busy with Bendaroos, being given away by The Simple Things.

If you check out From PDX with Love, they’re having a drawing for a sweet little bank from My Lil Lamb.

Jenny Arnott Textiles has these beautifully awesome little textile badges that would make great party favors or birth acknowledgments.

A friend of mine on Facebook linked to some of the most horrifically inappropriate children’s costumes I’ve ever seen. For a nice alternative, visit Free Dress Friday at Cute Dressups for a chance to win a lovely Rapunzel dress.

And if you’re feeling eco-friendly, check out the SKOY giveaway at Lucky Cake Mom.

As my children are starting to use the computer more, I’m definitely interested in the PeeWee Kit giveaway at Mom’s Focus on Cyberworld.