Happy Spring!

Still gestating, but I did get some pictures of our spring nature table I wanted to share.

First, here’s a picture of the whole nature table. The root children have come out from underground, King Winter is gone, and Mother Earth has taken off her velvet cloak. Under the rust-colored silk is a light green “grass” silk. We’ll slowly pull back the “dirt” and reveal the “grass”.This is a close-up of Mother Earth. The Mother Earth and large seed baby doll were made by another Waldorf mama, but I forget who. The little “pocket babies” are from A Toy Garden (I think) and the two tiny babies are from a Ryan’s Room play set. Katie Grace had the idea to cut up scraps of felt for the seed babies’ clothes, and she wanted to add the ladybug we made from a rock as well. We might try to add some other rock insects to the mix. I made the shroom from wool felt.
The wooden tulips are thrift store finds. We made the snails the day we set up the table. (I have pictures to explain how we made them. They’re much simpler than the technique I described in my curriculum, and I wish I had thought of this way first, LOL!) and the Blossom Baby I made at a workshop at the Susquehanna Waldorf School. I really miss that place.

How we made the snails:
First, we cut two pieces of felt that tapered inward.

Second, we laid one on top of the other and then folded them in half lengthwise.

Third, we began rolling them up, starting with the thickest end.

Finally, when they were all rolled up, we pushed in a straight pin to hold it all together and cut trimmed the snail’s head.
And finally, apropos of nothing, the funky monkey cake we made for Michael’s Scout cake auction. We ended up buying it back and Michael took it to school to share as a snack. He took great joy in telling everyone that “everything under the icing is organic, but nothing from the icing up is.”