Happy Summer!

All my babies are home for the summer!

Except, they’re not. Katie left today to go on tour with her girls’ choir, and Michael leaves this weekend for two weeks in Spain with his orchestra.

Other updates include:

PicMonkey Collage

The Twinkies have “graduated” from kindergarten. Next year they’ll be leaving the charter school they went to this year and going to the local public Montessori magnet school. They’ll be joining their big brother Daniel there, and they’re very excited! It’s a little strange to see how much they’ve differentiated from each other this past year. They’re both reading, but Molly prefers fiction and Matty loves non-fiction. Molly will begin in the training choir at her big sister’s choir school, and Matty will be in the youngest level of boys’ choir with his brothers. For so long they were a pair, and now they’re going their own ways. But they still love each other incredibly, and prefer one another’s company to anyone else’s.




Daniel is excited to finally get to be the big fish in the pond– he will be in fifth grade and is already talking about his audition for middle school at the creative and performing arts magnet school. He’s torn between vocal and theater arts, and will probably audition for both. Both he and Molly love theater and will probably do a theater arts program come the fall.



If he makes it, he’ll start middle school there right when Nicholas goes into the high school program at the same school. Nicholas is a vocal major, but is thinking about transferring to the tech department. He moves up to the “big guy” boys’ choir next year!


Katie is also doing well. She made it through tenth grade despite some bumps and loves singing, She had a big part in her school opera, made Honors Recital, and was honored as Vocalist of the Year. She was in two pretty major choirs this year, and is considering paring down to one next year. Not because she wants to take any sort of a break, but because she wants to audition for some shows as well.

18556056_10154596850742742_6389471202190981344_nAnd Michael… he graduated. That’s it. Finished. All done. He graduated with honors and I bawled like a baby the entire time. He’s done so many amazing things this year, I couldn’t even begin to list them all. But the biggest one of all is that he is going to Boston University on a full ride, where he’ll be majoring in cello performance.


As for me…19260308_10154676243227742_4236702421438684853_n
I am still having epilepsy issues. Coming to terms with this continues to be difficult, but I am making strides towards reclaiming my life. I’ve got plans, my friends. BIG plans. And despite having a disability (and you have no idea how difficult that is to type out) I feel incredibly lucky that I’ve had so much time to spend with my children. This whole summer is going to be amazing.

And as for this blog…
I’ve thought about retiring it.
I’ve thought about deleting it.
But in the end, I’ve decided to revamp and revive it.

It’s been around since my babies were babies, and it’s grown with me. From being a crunchy stay-at-home Waldorf homeschooling pastor’s wife to being a epileptic staying-at-home-due-to-disability single mama liberal public school advocate, we’ve all come a long way together.

So, what can you expect to see here?
* Parenting through different ages and stages. I may not have infants, toddlers, and preschoolers anymore, but I still know an awful lot about them. And I do have early and late elementary, middle school, high school, and college children to write about.
* Large family living. Cause we’re a large family. A large liberal single mama family.
* Living well on a budget.
* Parenting through disability. This will also include some posts on keto eating and chronic fatigue.
* Music and theater and the arts.
* Lots of Harry Potter and other geekery.
* Just about anything that pops into my head.
* And of course, we still have Seasons of Joy. We have family culture and traditions and rhythms and routines that get us through our lives together.

My first job is going to be to pull the blog out of the early 2000s and bring it up to date. And then? Who knows. Maybe it’s lost whatever place it ever had. But I do know that I need to write, and this is my place to do it. And I hope you will come along with me on the journey, even though I am not quite sure what’s around the bend.