In newly quickened inner life…

Calendar of the Soul

[October 07, 2018 – October 13, 2018]

Twenty-eighth Week

I can, in newly quickened inner life,
Sense wide horizons in myself.
The force and radiance of my thought —
Coming from soul’s sun power —
Can solve the mysteries of life,
And grant fulfillment now to wishes
Whose wings have long been lamed by hope.

autumn leaf

(From Calendar of the Soul, Week 28, translation  by Ruth and Hans Pusch)

Head, heart, and hands.

Thinking, feeling, and doing.

This week’s Calendar of the Soul meditation reminded me of the threefold nature of Waldorf education, but even more, it reminded me that it still applies to me as a lifelong learner. That quickened inner life, that impulse to continue moving forward has been strong inside me lately. My thoughts do feel living, moving, and strong. My soul feels radiant and shining.

And that leaves doing.


Everything seems at a crossroads right now. Everything, from my personal life to the nation to world, will stay as it is without will. Thoughts will stay thoughts, hopes will stay hopes, wishes will stay wish until that third piece of the puzzle comes into play.



And so I move forward. We all must. When our feelings, thoughts, and will align, we change the world. When we change the world, we will usher in a new season of joy.