Old-Fashioned Blogging

For several years now, I’ve been shelling out the domain and hosting fees on this blog every time the year turns over. I wasn’t sure why, but the only thing I definitely knew was that I wasn’t quite ready to let it go.

You see, it started when
* I had lots of young babies/toddlers/children.
* I was homeshooling them using the Waldorf method.
* I was a religious pastor’s wife.
* I wasn’t working.
* I didn’t have a lot of health challenges.

And now?
* I have two college kids, two kids at a public arts magnet school, and two twins in a public Montessori elementary school.
* Our household is a bizarre mishmash of Waldorf, Montessori, Reggio-Emilia, and whatever works for us in the moment.
* I am divorced and not-so-religious anymore.
* I am working four (!!!) jobs– I am a licensed Kindermusik educator, I teach private voice and piano lessons, I am a musical theater teaching artist, and, as a side gig (lol!), I teach after school science classes.
* I managed to make it through the ordeal of the twins’ birth and am an almost-nine year survivor of peripartum cardiomyopathy. And I have epilepsy. I don’t know if I’ve ever written about it here before. I started having myoclonic seizures around the age of 13 and now have full out tonic clonic (grand mals) seizures once or twice a year. In between that, I am chronically tired from the meds and the auras. I also have some pretty strong anxiety and mild OCD, maybe as an offshoot of the epilepsy and maybe just because I’m me.
* On top of that, as the children have grown older, we’ve been dealing with a variety of health challenges– ADHD, anxiety, failure to thrive, sensory processing disorder, asthma, and just good old fashioned teenage angst.

So what’s the same?
We still love theater and music.
We still follow the seasons of the wheel of the year.
We still strive to make a loving, meaningful, connected life together.
And we still have a strong sense of family culture.

And that last bit– the strong family culture– is where I expect to see this blog go. I’d love to write about
* Family fun nights
* Making family connections
* Large family organization and how to make systems work for individuals within large families
* Disney. I’ll admit, since we’ve loosened up on the screentime, I have totally embraced my love of Disney and passed it on to my kiddos.
* Seasonal and holiday celebrations
* Growth mindset
* Living the keto lifestyle (for me!) in a way that is also helpful for the kids
* Less about babies and toddlers and more about elementary, pre-teen, teens, and college kids
* Although I do still teach babies and toddlers, so maybe some stuff about them too
* Social justice and peacemaking, including recognizing and celebrating diversity
* Lots about music, theater, and the arts in general
* Basically? Family culture. My focus will be on ours, but I think it’s important for every family to know and understand and build up their own.

So, that’s a lot words to say…
I’m back!


  1. Annette, I’m so happy when I see you in my in box and look forward to your future posts. I was a SOJ curriculum user thousands of years ago. Plenty of changes here, thanks for sharing yours.

    1. Author

      That’s so kind of you! I’m looking forward to writing again.

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