Olympian Camp

We kicked off Camp Half-Blood by making Sally Jackson’s blue chocolate chip cookies. Nothing enhances a nice organic cookie recipe like half a bottle of blue food coloring. Also, beware the post-cookie diaper! I’m just saying.

We made our Camp Half-Blood shirts. Michael’s has a spear and Katie Grace’s an owl. We couldn’t find orange shirts for the littles, so their are yellow and say “Camp Half Blood, Junior Olympian Day Camp”. Nicholas’s shirt has a lightning bolt, and Daniel’s has a satyr.
The backs:
Michael- “Ares”
Daniel- “L’il Satry”
Katie Grace- “Athena”
Nicholas- “Zeus”

Chip and I have shirts too. His says “Camp Director” and mine says “Activity Director”.

Mmmm, nectar. Tastes like banana strawberry smoothies.

Some books we’ve been reading. Not shown: Nathaniel Hawthorne’s A Wonder Book for Boys and Girls, which is our read aloud.
Katie Grace and Nicholas, curled up and reading together.

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    I love the Riordan books. What a great idea! Maybe we will do this when Darian gets back from camp.

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