Our Geeky Summer

Maybe, eventually, I’ll do a post about everything that’s going on with my epilepsy and other health challenges that have cropped up… but the bottom line is that I’ve decided, come hell or high water, I’m going back to some sort of work come September. Staying home and being sad and worried is doing nothing for my physical, mental, or emotional health, and even if all I do is substitute three days a week, I will still be at the same point where I am now. But meanwhile, we’ve decided to make this a happy, fun, GEEKY summer.

In 900 years of time and space, I've never met anyone who wasn't important.

We started before everyone was even of school for the summer with Doctor Who, of course. We did a lot, but for some reason all my pictures are gone. You can see a lot of my favorite Doctor Who activities on my Doctor Who Pinterest Board.

I had my Ms. Frizzle constellation CowCow dress along with my exploding TARDIS skirt and TARDIS backpack. We had Adipose Marshmallows and TARDIS pie. You know what we apparently don’t have? Pictures.

Lady Cassandra Lasagna



But, we did have some Lady Cassandra love, including a Lady Cassandra lasagna. And you know what? I’ll be honest. I was having a bad health day and it took pretty much everything I had to go down the block and buy a frozen family-sized lasagna for the kids. But we popped it in the oven, and Katie decorated it, and a super creepy dinner was had by all… except me. I’m on a keto diet, which is probably a whole other post. Things don’t have to be Pinterest perfect.



Moisturize me!
Moisturize me!



And we also had– and this was my creation– an outline of Lady Cassandra with masking tape on the easel for the children to decorate throughout the week. I think their favorite part was using a spray bottle and rag to clean it off while demanding “Moisturize me!”





There was more. We still had our Doctor Who Halloween dress ups. The twins loved turning boxes into the TARDIS. We played Doctor Who monopoly. And there was still a ton of stuff we could have done but didn’t!