Owls for Autumn! (part one)

Always, we begin again.

Yesterday, I had a whole lovely blog post about owls… and my WordPress ate it. It was all rather frustrating, as it took almost three times as long as the amount of time I had carved out for it, and so I decided to walk away for a little and try again today. As I tell my children, it is ok to walk away from something if it is frustrating you. That gives you space to decide what to do next. And so… here we are. Owls. Take two.

Autumn Nature Table

I found this picture of our autumn nature table from way back in our old house, and noticed the little owl figure. I wondered where it went, as I haven’t seen it in a while! Owls always remind me of the old poem
A wise old owl sat in an oak.
The more he saw, the less he spoke.
The less he spoke, the more he heard.
We should all be like that great old bird!

I really love owls. To me, they speak autumn and Halloween and Harry Potter. I love owls so much that I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to them, although you can also find owl-related stuff on my Halloween and Harry Potter boards as well.

For whatever reason, Etsy took away the Treasury feature– and as a side note, I would welcome any alternatives, as I love to support homegrown businesses– but here are some wonderful owl products I found there.

owl collage

  1. This owl wooden lacing toy by Ecopuzzle strengthens tiny fingers and builds hand-eye coordination.
  2. An owl counting game by DesignsbyRAJA is a great quiet time toy AND they appear to be having a sale right now (although it could end at any time).
  3. I love this owl teether by Right Wood Workshop. Not only is it simple and made from natural materials, but the designers seemed to instinctively know how to make it so a little one could grasp it just right.
  4. EcoBusinka also made a beautifully simple owl teething ring as well.
  5. I am in love with this owl in a tree puzzle by Storyland City. It is important to me that our nature table isn’t hands off, but is something the children can respectfully interact with. We have something similar to this (a birdie in a tree) for spring, and the children handle gently and make up all kinds of stories to go along with it.
  6. Oh my goodness, this tiny wee owl from Felted Awesome!
  7. For dramatic play, there is an Arctic snow owl mask made by Sarmon.
  8. Even an owl needs a bestie! I am picturing this pair of owl wooden figures by mamakopp with some tree blocks and wool roving nests.
  9. And finally, this printable owl nature pack by Fiddlesticks Kids is just lovely.

I found some amazing owl recipes as well. Not recipes that use owls, although those exist, but recipes that look like owls!owl yogurt bowlThis owl yogurt bowl would be a great way to start off your day.

owl pizzas

An owl mini-pizza would be a great lunch. There are other Halloween-themed pizzas on this site as well!

owl chili

And then you could finish off your day with some owl chili!

I’ll be back with some more owl songs and stories. Happy autumn!

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  1. Those edible owls slay me! I know what I’m making this week. Thanks for sharing!

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