Revolting Children

revolting children

We are revolting children…
Living in revolting times.
We sing revolting songs
Using revolting rhymes.
We’ll be revolting children,
‘Til our revolting’s done,
And we’ll have the Trunchbull bolting.
We’re revolting!



Stuck in traffic, trying to get Katie to choir rehearsal while competing with the rest of the city of Pittsburgh who were on their way to the Pen’s Stanley Cup victory parade, we had an interesting chat about the meaning of Matilda’s “Revolting Children.”

What does that word mean, revolting?
It means yucky!
Wow! That’s a really strong word to use. Who uses that word in the show?
The Trunchbull. She hates children.
I wonder why they’re using that word to describe themselves. Do they think they’re gross and disgusting and yucky?
No! They’re proud of themselves.
Hmmm…. I wonder if revolting can mean something else. Can you think of another time you might use the word revolting or maybe revolt?
Ooooh! Like when you revolt in means you’re standing up for something.
Yeah, like in Hamilton!
Like a revolution!
Oh, that’s a good thought. What were the children in Matilda revolting against?
Miss Trunchbull.
Yeah, she was mean.
So, when Miss Trunchbull said the children were revolting, she was being mean. But when the children sang that they were revolting, they were proud?
Yeah! They stood up to her.
So revolting, or revolution, can be standing up to something?
Yeah, like in Hamilton they were in a revolution.
Yeah, the Revolutionary War.
I wonder if any other musicals tell stories of revolutions. We’ll have to see…

Revolting childrenI sense a theme…