Some play ideas from the archives

Try setting up your little one for fun. On a small child-sized table or the floor, put together sets of toys for her to discover when she wakes up in the morning. Here are some that we have had success with:

* tree blocks and gnomes (both wooden and felt)

* wooden nesting rainbow and gnomes

* wooden cars, unit blocks (also known as kindergarten blocks, these are wooden blocks in rectangular, squares, and triangle shapes), and street signs (we have wooden ones or you can make your own from popsicle sticks, paper, and a base)

* set up a dollhouse, but add something new to a room

* wooden farm animals and a piece of green felt for grass and blue felt, a small mirror, or a piece of cardboard wrapped in foil for a pond

* a tea party set up on a table, with dolls already in attendance

* beeswax crayons and paper in interesting shapes

* the stove in the play kitchen  set up to make  a meal

* a fort already built and ready to play in

These are just some ideas based with play materials we have at my house- think of what you have and how you can creatively put them together!