Spotlight on… Matthew

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It’s hard to know what to say say about Matthew. When people used to ask (as people do when you have more than two children) when you’re going to stop procreating, I used to say “Oh, you know, when God gives us an easy one.” And then God sent me Matty… and, for good measure and to keep me on my toes, threw in Molly as well. Ha, ha, ha… good one, God!

Matthew in a Tree

This little man is super chill… right up to the moment he’s not, and then he becomes the most dramatic little preschooler in the world. He loves building with Magnatiles, drawing, and playing outside with his twin. And aren’t they amazingly grown up? My little Matty, who went from a peaceful little baby with Spock ears to my happy-go-lucky boy.

Matty and Molly

Besides his twin sister, Matthew still has a very special place in his heart for his big brother, Michael, and frequently can be found snuggled up with him just like when he was a baby.


Matty has a serious streak as well. He’s incredibly literal. The first time I ever told him the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, he waited patiently for me to finish and then looked at me very seriously and said “Bears don’t talk” before walking away. When the leprechauns came to preschool and caused mayhem, he was not amused.

10606469_10153126549497622_942626821004957874_nThe leprechauns messed up our classroom!

He’s also my first little guy who has had the benefit of Reggio-inspired learning. He loves creating playthings from loose parts. Meet Broomie!

Matty broom

So, that’s my little Matthew– sweet, creative, loving, and gentle. Same as he’s always been.



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