Spotlight on… Molly!

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Oh, Molly. What can I say about Molly? Often , half joking, I say that Molly is just like me if I had even fewer filters and no moral compass. But really, she’s  a lot like me. It’s ridiculous.

Mommy and Molly

As a baby, Molly was super serious. In fact, it became a bit of a Facebook joke. People were surprised when a picture of Molly smiling made an appearance!

Serious MollyShe’s a super happy girl now though. Molly loves her big sister and reading.

Molly and Katie

Her best friend is still her twin brother, Matthew.

Molly preschool

She’s quite the artist.

Molly artistAnd is in general pretty fierce.

Fierce Molly

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    My daughter was a lot like Molly when she was small, and at 15 she’s a confident learner and a force to be reckoned with! Molly sounds like she’s also what my mum refers to as “a going concern”, so I’m sure she’ll do great things.:)

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