The Six Gifts of Childhood: A Series

I love a good blog series, and I haven’t done one in a bit. Recently I came across an old Gateways article called Six Gestures for the Waldorf Early Childhood Educator. After reading the article, I realized that while the author is correct in stating this predispositions (or gestures as she calls them; I am choosing to call them gifts) in teaching are closely aligned with the child from zero to eight, they also are helpful to give our elementary , middle school, high school, and even college-age children. Why do I choose to call them gifts? Because I believe that these six ways of being do not always come naturally. To be blunt and honest, in this COVID-era when we’re often all stuck together in close quarters, sometimes my inclination is not to follow these six parenting guidelines at all, but rather to do the opposite. There have been times I have wanted to yell, to disappear, to hide away. There have been times my own life has not been worthy of imitation, but rather, a stunning example of what NOT to do.

So, I am writing this series not just to inspire other parents, but to encourage myself. These are tough times. We can do it.

Join me this week as each day I offer some thoughts, ideas, and suggestions on six gifts we can give our children, especially in these troubled times. Those gifts are

  • The Gift of Presence
  • The Gift of Worthiness of Imitation
  • The Gift of Beauty and Order
  • The Gift of Joy
  • The Gift of Space
  • The Gift of Gratitude