This week’s feasts and festivals, plans and projects

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My lack of blogging speaks to two ongoing issues in my life right now.

First, no camera. It hasn’t been the same since Michael accidentally spilled his drink on it at the Little League World Series. It hung in there for a bit, but finally gave up the ghost right after Christmas. I had my eye on a really nice replacement until my hubby decided to renew his on-again off-again relationship with Dave Ramsey and pay off our two remaining credit card bills and the remainder of my student loan instead. So instead I have a cute little¬† purple point-and-click Nikon on its way instead. Ah well- easy come, easy go.

Which actually kind of leads into the second ongoing issue. We are in a period of transition, and I think we all just feel at loose ends. It’s not just us. I’ve seen quite a few blog posts lately about shaking things up, trying new things, going back to old ideas, changing things around, finding new ways to make things work. For us, my pastor husband resigned his call of nine-and-a-half years and has taken an interim position as he seeks a new call. It’s a huge change! He’s gone from being senior pastor of a large church five minutes away from our home to being the full-time interim of a five-point parish that’s about a half hour away from our home. If you could spare a prayer as he seeks a new job, we would certainly be thankful!

At home, we’ve been trying to embrace a whole foods diet. I’m not quite willing to start fermenting things on purpose and feeding them to my family, but we have made a lot of changes so far. I’m really proud of my children (and husband!) who have embraced the new regime with a spirit of adventure and gratitude.

I’ve also been trying to get a handle on the housekeeping and have decided to go back to the only system that ever really worked for me, Sidetracked Home Executives and my trusty file box. I’ve included the four oldest children and have color coded the cards by family member rather than by frequency. We’re still tweaking things.

One more ongoing issue is the homeschooling. I signed up for Melisa’s Thinking, Willing, Feeling and have realized that I REALLY miss our Waldorf rhythm. Tapestry of Grace is great and works really well for a large family that wants to do as much as possible together… but I really was missing that one on one time with each of my littles. And one of the reasons I’ve always created my own curriculum (with a little help here and there) is because I feel like it really allows me to dig into the subject and teach it in a way that will best reach each individual child’s heart and mind. So, we’re back to main lesson blocks.

This week’s plans and projects include…

Martin Luther King, Jr day! My kids were sad that we did not have off like the public school kids did. Reminding them that we also get done with school in April and the public school kids don’t didn’t do a whole lot to ease their pain. Ah well.

We talked a good bit about being a peacemaker today. It’s an interesting word that we throw around a lot. Somehow we’ve diluted the meaning so it just means having warm fuzzy feelings about each other, but in reality, peacemaking is tough stuff! It’s living in harmony with those around us, and the Bible makes it pretty clear that it’s not optional.

To this end, I am working on setting up a peace corner this week. I have some ideas pinned here on Pinterest and am hoping to enlist the children’s help in putting it together. I have several little ones who are struggling with anger right now, and I envision this to be both a quiet place to go and settle down when those angry feelings start churning up as well as a place where two children can go to talk things out.

Today is the feast of St. Anthony the Abbot. We’re making a traditional soup for lunch.

There’s not much else on tap. We’re doing some “mini main lessons” this week. Nicholas is working with the Jataka Tales. Katie Grace is learning about Ancient Aztecs this week and Ancient China next week. Michael wanted to do a nutrition unit, so I’ve been searching for materials from a whole and traditional foods point of view. Meanwhile, Daniel is back in Nursery Rhyme Nursery School. Our nursery rhyme this week is “The North Wind Doth Blow” and we’ve been telling the story of The Mitten as well.

I wish I did have my camera. If I had one right now, you would see a sweet little pudge of a one-year-old to my right, hair sticking up after a day in pony tails so she looks like Cindy Lou Hoo, and a cuddly little boy with rosy cheeks to my left who has managed to angle himself so his head is touching me and his feet are sprawled out across his big sister, who has also decided to bunk in here for the night. And so, good night!  Sweet dreams to you and yours.