Waldorf Wednesday #27

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Happy (almost too late) Waldorf Wednesday and HAPPY SPRING!!!!

Although you would never know if from the snowflakes that have been dancing around here today. *grump*

I said on Facebook we’d be up “later today” and this is much later than we thought.

But you see, our day went like this:

Late wake up (because we didn’t get home from the theater until after 11 and everyone was still awake!)

Out for doughnuts (because… well, you don’t need a reason to go out for doughnuts, do you)

An impromptu trip to the Children’s Museum to celebrate Mr. Rogers’s birthday

Weekday Church School


Choir Practice

Trying to figure out how to set up my cool new phone

So we really haven’t had a ton of time for blogging today!

And now it’s 9:00, but it’s still Wednesday so we’re good.

Daniel had his big debut last night and he was amazing! I will admit that there was this moment when he stepped out on stage that I thought “Oh my gosh, I’m a terrible person. What kind of mother sets her kid up for failure like this? Why did I ever put him the position of having over 2000 grown ups depend on him not to mess this up?!?”

Except there never, ever was any such danger. Daniel has been amazing through all this, loving the experience and the music and the people. And I would like to think he’s been given a glimpse of being part of something larger than himself, and what a beautiful gift that is, especially at such young an age!

One thing that has amazed me is how he has reacted to the music and lyrics, despite them all being in Italian. At the audition, after the aria, he ran to me and whispered in a very serious voice, “Mama, I did not understand a thing she said.” But he’s also reacting to the singers’ actions on stage, showing concern and curiosity and love.

So you see, there was never any question of him failing. Not when he was having so much fun.

So… I’ll leave this topic with some amazing pictures of my little star as well as a video of his interview at the Artist’s Circle last night.

409186_10151559036423627_2092066427_n  1363378259-0421 Butterfly and Trouble  Butterfly(4) (1)

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    Favorite part of Spring is planting flowers in my pots. & garden Spring fever!

  2. //

    What an amazing experience for him! The pictures there are so beautiful!

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    My favorite part of Spring in South Georgia is all of the camellias and azaleas, japanese magnolias and other flowers blooming. In April there is a huge rose festival with beautiful blooms!

  4. //

    What is my favorite part of Spring! Fisrt it’s my favourite season, perhaps because I was born on a 21st march. Secondly, I love the color of the flowers, the green trees and the green grass with shamrock among and so on. I love to hear the birds singing. And I have the chance to share all of it with my five children and my DH. Tanks a lot to give us a chance to win your work. For us it will be a way to discover it. Happy spring to you all!

  5. //

    My favourite part of spring is celebrating Easter. We are a Christian family and this year my older son is able to appreciate and understand the wonderful news of the resurrection more.

  6. //

    There are soooo many favorites… the 1st robins, hatching baby chicks, playing outside ofr hours…

  7. //

    My fav. part of spring is seeing the beautiful trees in bloom!

  8. //

    I love being outside with a myriad of fresh colors!!

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    We have been mindful about spending time outside, working in the garden and cleaning up the outdoor stuff. Plus reading every book I requested by searching the spring subject at the library!

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