Even before the divorce, Michaelmas was a bit of a challenge for me. How could such an oft overlooked celebration be so overstuffed with meaning as it was in our family? There was secular Michaelmas, the saint’s day celebration of St. Michael casting Satan from Heaven, and on top of that, it was both Nicholas’s birthday AND Michael’s name day! It was almost too much.

And now, all my wee ones will be in school on this day. It becomes a bit of a temptation to throw up my hands and say “What’s the point of even trying to celebrate? It’s not like anyone even thinks of Michaelmas anymore anyway.”

And yet it keeps coming back to me.  As the days grow cooler and shorter, we are very near a balance point between light and dark. We dig deep inside for inner light and resources, strength and courage. The year is winding down, but it’s not quite over yet. We still have battles to fight.

Before, I have focused on slaying the dragons found in our lives. This year, I am drawn towards the symbolism of the falling stars. Indeed, my absolute favorite fairy tale of all time in Star Money. It’s time for thoughts to become brave deeds and courageous action. As the stars fall to earth, flung there by St. Michael, we can be strengthened by their iron resolve. I’ve been pulled into Christine Natale’s Shooting Star story again and again, found here.

So for us, Michaelmas will be spread out over the week. We’ll be focusing less on the idea of saints and Satan and more on shooting stars and bravery and taking chances. As we are surrounded by change, we will seek the bravery within ourselves to embrace this season of transition.