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My Will’s Fiery Energy

  O Nature, your maternal life
I bear within the essence of my will.
And my will’s fiery energy
Shall steel my spirit striving,
That sense of self springs forth from it.
~Calendar of the Soul, 26th Week (Sept 17-24)


Every week the Calendar of the Soul reading pops up in my in box– you can read it online weekly here (although the page is kind of messed up) or use this site to sign up for the COTS mailing list– and this week’s verse seemed to coincide particularly well with my newfound resolve to start up the blog again.

Summer is almost officially ended. We had lots of fun with musicals and adventures, and school started all too soon. The oldest three are at a performing arts magnet school, one as an instrumentalist (cello) and two as vocal majors. Boy the Fourth, who is also in fourth grade, got off the waiting list and into a wonderful public Montessori magnet school, where he is thriving so far. And the twins started kindergarten at a charter school with a strong arts focus. I, sadly, am still not back to teaching at the Reggio Emilio school I love so much, as I still do not have my seizures under control. But I miss that connection to children and families, and so have decided to see where my writing takes me.

I have greatly enjoyed being such an important part of the children’s before and after school routines. The oldest two make it out of bed and onto the bus on their own, but every morning at 6:45, I rouse the twins and my middle schooler out of bed. He dresses and walks to the bus, but the twins take a little more handling to get them into their uniforms and backpacks. After making sure faces and hair are tidy, we let the nine-year-old know we’re off to the bus and we hop in the car. It is technically close enough to walk, but would involved hills and blind curves and is just more than I want to deal with holding the hands of two squirmy Twinkies.

The twins on their first day of kindergarten

I come back and get some laundry in and maybe tidy a room before waking Daniel. Even though he gets to sleep in the latest, it’s still never enough. This morning when I tried to wake him, he asked “Do I *have* to open my eyes?!?” But he does, and gets dressed, and then comes and cuddles with me and we chat and snuggle, every morning. Eventually, off he goes to the bus.

The end of the day is even busier. I pick up the twins around 4. They have their routine down pat– school shoes off and away, upstairs to potty and change into play clothes, bring your uniforms down to Mama to apply stain spray as needed and place in the dirty uniform basket, have a snack, and then do homework. Sigh. Yes, homework! In kindergarten! After we read stories and do some sort of activity together. They are in separate kindergartens and are really looking to reconnect with one another at the end of the day. The two oldest wander in at some point in all this, unless they have an afterschool activity. Eventually the middle schooler and fourth grader walk in the door. They grab a snack and often join the twins in play, preferring to save their homework until after school. When I worked, it was crock pot meals practically every night, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, I prefer being able to cook. There’s dinner and a little bit of screen time/homework/stories, and before you know it, it’s time for bed and getting ready for  new day.

I am coming to terms with the fact that I might not be able to go to work. I have some ideas brewing in my brain though, and I’m waiting to see what comes of them. Writing some of them out here will be a good start. So as we say goodbye to summer and come into autumn, I am hoping to find myself again as I write and plan and create and, most importantly, help other families find joy and satisfaction in doing the same.