Celtic Saints Main Lesson Block


For Katie Grace (Year 2) we’re smack in the middle of our Celtic Saints Main Lesson Block. This is the first time we’ve done a block, so bear with me. 🙂

We enjoyed this YouTube video:

We started off with St. Columba or St. Columcille. We told the story from Oak Meadow Grade 2, but you can also find it here. I feel like this saint and his love of the written word really spoke to Katie Grace, who is herself discovering the magic of letters and words and sentences. Legend has it that, as a small child, St. Columcille was fed a cake on which his letters were written. This really inspired Katie Grace, and she begged to make an alphabet cake of her own:

She’s wearing part of her Halloween costume, LOL!

I told her the story, and the next day, she told it back to me. Then I drew a picture and she replicated it in her main lesson book. (The main lesson book is more like “main lesson pages” for now. She wants to bind it “for real” when she’s finished.)

You can also see the words I added and she copied the next day.

The following day, she narrated the story. I wrote it down for her and she then illustrated it. Note the alphabet cake.

We also made ink. Well, we tried to make ink. It wasn’t much of a success. We followed the instructions here.

We spent two days on St. Columcille and then moved on to St. Brigid. Again, another Celtic saint with a strong emphesis on darkness and light. It seems especially appropriate as the days grow longer, colder, and darker.

Like before, we followed a formula. I told the story–you can find some stories of St. Brigid here. Then Katie Grace illustrated it.

The she dictated a narration to me and illustrated that.

We’re also making a St. Brigid’s cloak. It’s going to be part of her Halloween/All Saints costume as well. I’ll have to post pictures when we’re done. I also ordered the book Brigid’s Cloak, but it hasn’t arrived yet.

We moved on to St. Brendan today, and will follow the same pattern: I told the story, then she illustrated it, and tomorrow she’ll dictate a narration and illustrate that.

Here’s today’s picture:

I have a Thames and Kosmos Little Labs Boats Kit that I think we’ll open up tomorrow to go along with St. Brendan.

Some other parts of our main lesson block have included:
Copywork: I downloaded The Happy Scribe Irish Proverbs e-book from CurrClick. I’ll try to link when their site is back up.

Grammar: We’re discussing punctuation. Each day, we read a Dorothy Harrer poem about the different types of punctuation/sentence, and she writes a sentence or two illustrating it.

Math: She’s been doing addition and subtraction drills with computer games, as well as Calculadders. We’ve also done some story problems that tie in with the saints’ stories.

There are other things I would like to add: more handwork, perhaps knitting or crochet, some singing, some other forms of artwork. But I’m pretty satisfied that I’ve been able to work out a way to do main lesson blocks.

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    What a great lesson block you guys are doing. 🙂 I think the idea of lesson blocks has saved me so many times. The kids and I both like not having to jump around so much with schoolwork each day.

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