D, E, F, Gee!

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A continuation of our alphabet journey, begun here. Again, these are just things that caught my fancy or inspired me.

Fairy Tale: Hansel and Gretel
Book: Hansel and Gretel
The D is the door of the oven. Later, the letter H can be seen in the house.
I love this little wooden play set.
Little play dolls
A Hansel and Gretel paper craft— definitely needs a good deal of adult help, but it could be fun!
Lots of gingerbread ideas here.
And how cute is this Hansel and Gretel fabric?

Fairy Tale: The Magic Key
While this is definitely one of the lesser known Grimm’s fairy tales, I love the openendedness of this story.
The E is found at the end of the key. We see “Wheeee! A key!”
Check out this Waldorf-inspired treasure ball! Very cute. It reminded me of the ball of yarn with surprises wrapped up inside described in The Children’s Year.
And here is a treasure box felting kit.

Fairy Tale: The Magic Fish
Book: The Magic Goldfish, a Russian Tale by Demi
The F is found in the shape of the fish’s body.
I love this fishing game from Whip Up! It would be great on a blue play silk pond.
Another great fishing game is here— what a great way to recycle old paint brush handles!
Of course, if you didn’t feel like making one, you could always just buy one from Sarah’s Silks.
These color scratch fishbowls could be fun as well.
Wrap it all up with these homemade goldfish crackers!

Fairy Tale: The Goose Girl
The G is the goose’s form
I love this little puzzle with gnomes riding a goose. This goose girl puzzle is sweet as well.
And Ostheimer sells a Goose Girl, geese included! You could also buy a handmade set here.
Check out this cute little goose hat on Etsy!
And this beautiful Goose Girl ornament would little pretty on a nature table as well as a Christmas tree.

And a cute project for the whole alphabet!
Soft Sculptured Letters