Planning Retreat: Main Lesson Blocks

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Tonight was step one of planning for next year– figure out main lessons. I mostly went by standard Waldorf main lessons, but looked at some Charlotte Mason syllabi as well. The verdict is:

Easy peasy. We’ll just work our way through the alphabet with fairy tales and do crafting, cooking, etc. that fits in with the story.

Third Grade
Multiplication Tables
Farming and Gardening
Housebuilding and Shelters (including building scale models)
Old Testament Stories and History
Native American Stories
Flood Stories
Life of Jesus
Telling Time

Fifth Grade
Geometric Forms
Botany, including fungi, ferns, algae, conifers, monocotyledons and dicotyledons
North American Geography
The Book of Acts

I do plan on doing math consistently throughout the year–as a matter of fact, my next step is to go through both of their math books so I can try to line up like chapters, so we’re all doing weights and measures at the same time, etc–but there were certain topics I wanted to turn into a main lesson block/unit study. Some of these will probably be stretched into two or even three main lessons, spaced throughout the year.

Typically, Michael would be studying Ancient Cultures in the fifth grade, but since we already covered a lot of that with Story of the Word and because we’re focusing on Ancient Cultures with our Olympian Camp this summer, I don’t feel the need to plan main lesson blocks this school year.

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    re: math: have you used the Key To series? I remember we used that, then moved on to a series by the same company (which I do not know the name of)

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