Safety Day!


Today was Safety Day at Camp Susque! This is a free, once-a-year event put on by Camp Susque to help homeschooling families fulfill their fire safety requirements.

The kids played for a bit, and then we all met by the flagpole. I tried to get a picture to show how many homeschooling families were there, but I really didn’t do it justice. Suffice it to say, it was so nice to be with a group of people who didn’t think we were freaks because they were freaky themselves. Or, as sung in Rent, “To being an US for once, instead of a THEM!”

Our first session was poison safety. I have no pictures because on our way to into the Lodge, Michael puked all over the steps. Apparently when I sent him to the corner store to get bread because mine failed to rise, he took some of his pocket money and got 2 “beef” sticks for 99 cents, which he crammed in his mouth and ate on the block-long walk home. I’d yak too.

Daniel spent most of the morning kicking balls around the field. Nicholas joined him, except for his brief stint on the playground equipment, when he inexplicably stripped off everything but his shorts.
A beautiful view of the mountain. That little white thing is a teepee. I have no idea who put it there or why.
The fire truck is the big hit. The kids get to explore it right up close. Nicholas got a little too close, and everyone got to hear his Very Important Question.
NICK: Do you have that thing that goes WHOOOO-HOOOOO-HOOOO?
FIREFIGHTER:Yep. That’s our siren. It tells the cars to get out of our way.
NICK: Mama just honks the horn.
ME: *hides*

This is what really brings the kids back year after year. Michael trying the fire hose (apparently once he puked he felt great)
Katie Grace, spraying with style.

And last but not least, Nicholas,

The giant mud puddle made by the firetruck “dumping” was a big hit as well.

I don’t have pictures from our picnic lunch because Daniel took a face plant in the gravel. Then he got bonked on his head by a basket ball. Guess who was supposed to get his picture taken tomorrow? Uh huh. Guess it’s Nicholas’s turn instead.

Last but not least, the smoke house that the kids got to crawl through. Nicholas was at a safe distance, lobbing walnuts and crab apples at trees.

A firefighter, up close and personal.

All in all, it was a good day. Good times with good friends and good people. What more could I ask for?

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    Hey Annette,
    Just stopped by….
    What a fun blog! Keep those menus coming! I need ideas! We were gonna come spend the day with you other “freaks” yesterday but Ty is under the weather. Or as he puts it “got a sneezy nose.” Loved the pics.

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