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Workbox Wednesday

We’ve been having great success this year using Sue Patrick’s Workbox system. It’s modified to suit our own needs– ah, the joys of homeschooling!–but it’s really helped settled our days.

This is our set up.

The plastic boxes are for Nicholas. As he completes the activities, he takes the number off the box and places it on his number strip, which is sitting on top of the first box.

Katie Grace’s box is the teal one, and Michael’s is brown. They each have 12 folders. The first folder is always yesterday’s marked work/work to be corrected. Their folders are pretty predictable. Michael generally has corrections, spelling, writing, Life of Fred, math review, literature (Fellowship of the Rings at present), grammar, Christian Ed, geography, science or social studies, cello practice, and scouts or co-op homework. Katie Grace has spelling, writing, corrections, math review, literature (Little House in the Green Grove), grammar, handwriting, Christian Ed or a seasonal project, some sort of geography, social studies, or science, violin practice. She enjoys art projects, so I try to throw those in there as well. It’s actually less rigid than it sounds. I try to keep things fun and interesting, but they’re older and don’t need to be entertained quite as much as the six-year-old.

Today I was going to show all of Nicholas’s workboxes, but it got to be too much to keep up with four children AND take pictures. Here are some of them though:
Sewing a gnome hat. Great for small motor skills, and he was so proud of himself! You can see him wearing the hat throughout the day.

Lego letters. He’s a lego maniac, and really enjoyed this.
A worksheet. I hate worksheets, but I’m trying to work on Nicholas’s small motor skills and try to hit it from every angle.
A shape matching memory game. Note the granola bar at his elbow.
A magic leaf picture– it’s super cyclops leaf! This is an activity from Autumn Seasons of Joy. Note the apple. Nicholas always has a snack!
Sorting nuts. He’s been having tons of fun with these this week.

Well, that’s 6 out of 12. I would post the rest of what he did, but I honestly don’t remember, LOL! Ah, life with 4.

I’m hoping to make Workbox Wednesday a weekly thing. Next week I’ll show what’s in Katie Grace’s “workfiles.”

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