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A Month of Mondays: Our laundry routines


With 6 children (including 2 in cloth diapers) and 2 adults, we have to do laundry pretty much every day. Even so, Monday is our “heavy” laundry day. Here is what the laundry rhythm looks like in our home.

MONDAY: Adult laundry, linens and towels, diapers
TUESDAY: Michael’s laundry—he does his own
WEDNESDAY: Katie’s laundry—she does her own. Because she and Molly share a room, a fair bit of Molly’s laundry gets mixed in as well. The rest of her laundry is in our room.
THURSDAY: I wash all three little boys’ clothes. Copious amounts of stain treatment are utilized.
FRIDAY: Adult laundry and diapers again. Adult laundry just means laundry that belongs to the adults. I just thought I would clarify.

And if we’ve played our cards right, we’re all caught up and don’t have laundry to do on the weekends.

The children’s laundry and the sheets all get delivered to their proper home in our family closet. Kitchen linens, towels and washcloths, grown up clothes, and diapers all go upstairs.

And that’s how we spread out the laundry in our home.

What are your laundry secrets?

1 thought on “A Month of Mondays: Our laundry routines”

  1. I love the family closet!

    My secret to our laundry —

    the right laundry sorter and making sure laundry comes into it daily or every other day. That way laundry doesn’t “sneak up” on me (; because I see it all in one place.

    I made our laundry sorter from bits and pieces that I already had. Then the girls and I made cards that clearly state what color family goes where. They’re pros at sorting it all out. a picture of what works great for us is here (toward the bottom of the post)

    We also limit our clothing to 1) outfits only, e.g. no shirts floating about waiting for a mate. If there’s no matching pants or skirt, it goes in a bin put away until a new shirt is needed etc. This cuts down on so much minutae and headache; from getting dressed in the morning all the way through putting laundry away!! and 2) we limit our outfits to 7 or so.

    I am also an absolutist in that the timer is my master. When I hear that buzzer on the washer, into the dryer it goes and a new load into the washer. I might make my children wait for emergency medical care if they needed it while I was “changing out the laundry.”

    I used to HATE laundry. But now it’s not so bad. I don’t love it. But having it all in one place, sorted out, ready to be checked for stains and put in the washer, to be taken out immediately, folded into known outfits and whisked into the closet — it’s easy, if not lovely. (:

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