Household Management

Home Management Rhythms

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I’ve read many different cleaning “programs” but none of them seem to fit our family exactly. With that in mind, I wanted to share some of the rhythms and routines we have in place for keeping our home neat (OK, neat-ish– I’m not June Cleaver and I have six children including 2 pretty new twins plus a heart condition). This is what is working, mostly, for us. Your own cleaning plan will look differently.

First, we have the stuff we do every. single. day. Dishes. Laundry. Rooms. I could write a whole post on our laundry routine. In the morning, all the older children have their morning high five. This includes grooming, room tidying, eating breakfast, a laundry job, and a kitchen chore for each child.

Each day has a focus. Right now, it looks like this:
MONDAY: Laundry and clothing, including mending, diapers, clothing storage and organization, tidying the laundry area clothes shopping, and maybe even eventually we’ll do some sewing and making our own laundry soap.
TUESDAY: Personal day. This is the day the kids really deep clean their rooms and their school spaces. For me, this is the day I do menu, shopping, and lesson plans and other paper work.
WEDNESDAY: Kitchen and food. This is the day I do any baking and bulk cooking and complete any menu planning.
THURSDAY: Project day. This is a day to make stuff.
FRIDAY: Town day. We have co-op this day and are out and about anyway, which makes it the perfect day to run errands.
SATURDAY: Outside and creative pursuits. Gardening and yard work, baby.
SUNDAY: A day of rest. Or at least as restful as it gets for a pastor’s family.

Of course, this still leaves all the cleaning. What works for us is to focus on a room each day. Luckily, we have a small house.
MONDAY: Living room
TUESDAY: Bedrooms
THURSDAY: Bathroom
FRIDAY: Dining room
SATURDAY: Basement and anything left
Every day around 4ish we come together and clean up the room of the day.

Together, we manage to have a livable home.  There’s still probably a bit that gets missed, but this is working for us for now.