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I looked in my freezer and what did I see…

I inventoried my deep freeze the other day and this is what I found. Got any meal ideas for me?

13 loaves of whole wheat bread (we can get it for 89 cents a loaf at the Amish surplus outlet 45 minutes away, so we stock up every once in a while)

4 packs of whole wheat tortillas

3 packs of hot dog rolls

3 packs of rolls

8 “Flatouts” wraps (also from the Amish store)

5 rolls of Pillsbury cookie dough

9 bags of whole wheat flour

9 bags of unbleached white flour

3 bags of oat flour

1 bag of brown rice flour

2 bags of barley flour

1 bag of millet flour

1 bag of white rice flour

2 boxes of tapioca

19 quarts of homemade tomato sauce

4 quarts of strawberries

5 quarts of blueberries

1 bag of squished up ripe banana

2 bags of broccoli

1 bag of asparagus

2 bags of peas

2 bags of corn

1 bag of edamame

1 bag of sliced onions

1 bag of spinach

1 bag of green beans

4 pounds of ground beef

10 packs of sausage

1 whole chicken

2 packs of boneless pork

4 packages of bacon

1 bratwurst

1 pack of stew meat

1 bag of whiting fillets

a giant bag of chicken wings

1 bag of cooked chicken

2 packs of drumsticks

2 packs of chicken thighs

1 pack of lamb shanks

1 pack of wonton wrappers

1 half-gallon of organic chocolate milk I got on sale

1 pack of hot dogs

1 package of pepperoni

2 containers of Ben and Jerry’s (Shhhh!)

8 bags of breastmilk

6 boxes of Neufachtal cheese

4 bags of tortellini

1 meal’s worth of lentil stew

3 quarts of beef broth

5 quarts of chicken broth

2 thoughts on “I looked in my freezer and what did I see…”

  1. Ok, going to try to remember off the top of my head what you said as I type. This is what I thought of:

    Bread – using it for French toast or eggs in a nest: cut out the centers of each piece of bread with a narrow drinking glass. Crack an egg into the center of the bread and fry it and flip it to the other side and fry it too. My kids love them. Oh, don’t forget to butter the bread before frying it. Butter the circles too and fry them alongside the nests. My kids love the circles as much as the nests.

    Chicken – chicken noodle soup. Seems like you had chicken broth listed too….

    Hot dogs (and was there corn???) – Beanie Weinie casserole. My kids like it. A pack of hot dogs cut up, a can or two of pork and beans, and a can or two of corn mixed together and baked. Definitely NOT gourmet (lol!) but easy, quick, and well…..just easy. 🙂

    Vegetable soup and stew

    Banana bread

    Fruit – smoothies and pies, maybe make the crusts with the flour.

    Tortillas – quesadillas or enchiladas. Also, we love to cut tortillas up with a knife or pizza cutter and lay them (one layer only) on a cookie sheet and bake them in the oven just long enough to turn them into chips…..couple of minutes. Yummy!

    Wonton wrappers – Our fave thing to do with them is make a filling of cream cheese, a bit of grated carrot and finely chopped onion and crab or those teeny tiny shrimp (or even no meat) and put them in the wrappers. Seal them up by wetting the edges and pinching them together and deep fat fry them. Totally naughty but so good.

    Ice cream – You are more than welcome to bring it to my home. 🙂

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