Household Management

Learning to Dust

From the archives

My little ones (5 and 3) have been finding a lot of joy in dusting
lately. Imagine my delight at hearing Michael exclaim, “Oh dear! That
piano needs dusting again!”

We ordered a great lambswool duster from Little Red Robin
They have lots of other great products as well!

To “teach” dusting I hid treasure- pennies- all around the living room-
be sure to count them if you have a baby so you know you have them all.
Hide them in both obvious and not-so-obvious spots. Be sure to place
some under knick-knacks and behind pictures so your child knows to move
things when dusting.
We borrowed this idea from the wonderful read-aloud book All of a Kind
Family by Sidney Taylor.

Here is a song we learned at Kindermusik (you can make up your own tune)

Oh, in my house I help clean up
With a dust-a-dust, dust-a-dust all day.
I dust-a-dust-dust and dust-a-dust-dust
To clean the dirt away!

Remember to show your child exactly what you want them to do!

And a grown-up poem of thankfulness (yes, thankfulness!) for dust:
DUSTING (Marilyn Nelson)

Thank you for these tiny
particles of ocean salt,
pearl-necklace viruses,
winged protozoans:
for the infinite,
intricate shapes
of submicroscopic
living things.

For algae spores
and fungus spores,
bonded by vital
mutual genetic cooperation,
spreading their
inseparable lives
from equator to pole.

My hand, my arm,
make sweeping circles.
Dust climbs the ladder of light.
For this infernal, endless chore,
for these eternal seeds of rain:
Thank you. For dust.