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Spring Cleaning/Decluttering Challenge, Day 2

Yesterday was Day 2 of spring cleaning! We’re tackling the kitchen, and I’m not sure if I’m ashamed or proud to say that it’s turning out to be a three day job. The kids have been absolutely wonderful, pitching in to make the house beautiful. Michael scrubbed the outside of stove and Katie Grace scrubbed the area behind it, which was just gross. We cleaned out the baking cupboard, the cupboard full of storage containers, the cupboard with glasses and bowls, the pots and pans cupboard, the cupboard with the little kids’ cups, and the cupboard that holds our baking stuff. We also finally found a way to finally utilize the cabinet above the stove– it’s now the birthday/cake decorating cupboard! It has our cupcake liners, food coloring, sprinkles and other cake decorations, as well as our birthday ring and candles. I’d show you a picture, but apparently the camera has been “cleaned up” as well and I can’t find it right now. Maybe tomorrow…

I’d never used the self-cleaning feature on our oven before. Apparently, you’re supposed to clean out the gunk first? Well, we didn’t and there was a great big smoky mess. We opened the windows to air things out and I decided to take the kiddos out to lunch, both so we could breathe easily and as a reward for their diligence. We went to Bonanza– not the healthiest place in the world, but kids eat for 99 cents on Mondays and there are some healthy choices. When I say “we” I mean me + 4 kids. Luckily, Michael and Katie Grace are really good about being patient and helping with Nicholas and Daniel.

We ran some errands next. We needed a new kitchen trash can– the one we had we’ve had since we first married 15 years ago, and it was being held together with duct tape and dirt– as well as a new compost bin and some big guy unders for Daniel. Potty training during spring cleaning may not have been the best idea I ever had. It isn’t going very well. Ah well. Can’t be brilliant all the time.

And, if you’re keeping count, yesterday we trashed 26 items, donated or gave away 58 items, and found 2 things to sell, bringing the grand total of items decluttered to 171! I think Michael’s out of the running for our decluttering challenge, but he doesn’t seem to mind. We’re all reaping the benefits of a cleaner, more organized kitchen.

Tomorrow I’ll post about today (Does that make sense? This post is what we did on Monday) and we’ll finish up the kitchen, tackling the fridge, freezer, and kitchen pantry.

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