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Spring Cleaning/Decluttering Challenge, Day 3

First things first, here’s the above the stove cabinet we’ve turned into the birthday cabinet. Ignore the horrible wall. We removed the old paint but never painted over, probably because the cabinet was so unaccessible.

On Day 3 we had our second day of kitchen cleaning. I tackled the area we call “the gnome’s nook”. It’s our breakfast nook, but there are really too many of us to eat comfortably in there, so instead it houses the buffet/hutch, art shelf, and microwave and stand. You can fit a lot of junk in a breakfast nook.

We were able to throw away 36 items, donate or giveaway 49 things, and found 17 things to sell. That’s 102 things we decluttered yesterday for a total of 273 items. Michael, Katie Grace, and  Mom are now both out of the race.