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Spring Cleaning/Decluttering Challenge, Day 4

First, our updated totals (drumroll, please!)

Today we
trashed 49 items
donated or gave away 174 items (I finally let go of the cassette tapes)
will sell 2 items

That makes the total for the day 225 items, and the total for the challenge 428. That means we’re all out of the running except for Daddy and Nicholas.

The kitchen is finished! All the cabinets have been cleaned out and organized. I’ll post a few pictures of our kitchen, but want to preface it by saying how much I hate it. The faux brick linoleum is awful and we tried to paint, but the color was all wrong, and ended up never adding the trim. Sigh. Maybe this summer.

Our baking cupboard. We try to have a lot of ingredients and whole foods.

Cabinet o’ storage. I try to reuse as many containers as possible.

Looking into our “Gnomes’ Nook”. Sorry it’s so dark.

A lighter picture. This hutch holds everything. Medicine and booze on top, cookbooks on the shelf, candles and batteries and vitamins in one cabinet and tea things in the other, napkins and bibs and serving utensils in the drawer. The bigger cabinets hold all the dishes and bowls and serving bowls and platters and the giant drawer has tablecloths and placemats. Oh, and I forgot the big containers of sugars and flour, etc. There’s a lot going on in the one piece of furniture!

I’m not sure what this closet was meant to be used for– cleaning supplies maybe?– but we put a shelf in there and use it for additional food storage. The bin on the bottoms is kid snacks. We call them “Help Yourself” snacks or “cabinet snacks,” which you’ll see on my menu plan. We usually do this on weekends or if we’re running errands.

Next we have spices on the wall and above that, a bin full of teas, a bin full of mama-only stuff, and a bin for extra spices. On the shelf above that I have a bin full of canning supplies, a bin full of cheesemaking stuff, and another bin with everything I need to make playdough.