Spring Cleaning/Decluttering: Days 6 and 7


We took Easter Sunday and Monday off, but we’re playing catch up! Saturday was the dining room/school room/craft room/play room. No pictures yet because the table is still being used as the place to dump everything that needs dealt with. On Saturday, we tossed 24 items, found 23 things to give away and found 5 to sell.

Yesterday, I tackled our bedroom. Chip said this morning “It’s so nice to be able to walk in here without stepping on anything!” I’m not sure whether to be insulted or complemented. I think I choose to take it as a complement. Yesterday we found 67 items to toss, 123 to give away, and 35 to sell. Anyone want a complete set of Twilight books?

Along with a tally of what we’re decluttering, I’m also keeping on ongoing list of things I still need to do in each room, things I’d like to buy (curtains in our bedroom might be nice after being here for 8 years!) and long-term projects to improve the rooms. It’s a little depressing to know that even when we’re finished, we’re not really finished, but that’s the nature of homemaking I suppose.

Today I am hoping to tackle the kids’ rooms. I bought bunkbed pegs at Lowes yesterday. Step one in changing the rooms is to put up the second set of bunkbeds in Katie Grace’s room. We’re running out to Target this morning. I have Easter clearance on my mind, but am also looking for some storage cubes for in the boys’ closet. I loved this idea from Michelle over at My Blessed Home and think that it will make 3 boys in a small bedroom much more manageable if we can get rid of some of the dressers. Also it would be much easier to put things away. I’m still not completely convinced, though, that open storage won’t mean everything will end up on the floor. We shall see. I’d love to hear other ideas for clothes storage that don’t involve dressers.

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    I’m so glad to know we’re not the only ones who have those “nice to walk w/o stepping on things” conversations LOL Thank goodness for Spring Cleaning (and thank goodness is just comes once a year!)

    Best wishes!

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