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The Ketogenic Diet: If at first you don’t succeed…

I have been trying off and on for several years (yes, sigh, YEARS) to stick to the ketogenic diet (or, as die hard keto fans will tell you, it’s NOT a diet, it’s a WOE or way of eating). I had heard about it as a way of treating childhood epilepsy and then my neurologist suggested I try it as well.

balancing actTo be concise, the keto diet is a high (good) fat, low carb, moderate protein diet. You are retraining your body to burn fat rather than carbs/sugars and (this is the important part for epilepsy) basically altering your brain chemistry. Realistically, it feels like a never-ending balancing act of macros– if you get enough fat, your calories are too high and if you get enough protein you accidentally went over your net carb limit. For someone like me, who loves candies and treats and ice cream and milk shakes and comfort food like mashed potatoes and grilled cheese and macaroni and cheese, it feels like denial. And I don’t really enjoy cooking, so it feels like I am either constantly cooking every single thing from scratch or buying processed junk that doesn’t seem very healthy. Then throw in kids, who like sweet things, think (rightfully) that stevia tastes a little funny, and Molly, who is practically a vegetarian. ┬áIt’s a bit of a balancing act.

That’s the grumpy part. The good part is that I have a dietician on board now and am working on building up a support network. To be honest, I’ve had better luck polling my Facebook friends who do keto than I had had with official “groups,” which seem to be a mix of fake science and snarkiness, possibly due to a lack of candy. That’s my theory anyway, lol.

So, I’m working on my food rhythm. Some stuff I can do but the kids don’t– for example, I like to start my day with bullet proof coffee. They do not need coffee. Mostly they eat breakfast at school, but at home breakfast has become mainly a help-yourself-affair– boxed cereal, fruit, yogurt, toast and toppings. They do like the yummy crepe-like keto pancakes I make though! For a while I was doing bullet-proof coffee and a salad or big tray of roasted veggies for me at lunch. For dinner, I make a recipe and throw in something carby for a side dish for the kids. Or not. Heaven knows they get a ton of carbs at school! I’m still trying a million of recipes and staples, which is making finding a food routine tricky.

As I work on this balancing act, I’ll be posting here from time to time. I’d love to hear from others who are eating the keto way. I’m especially interested in Waldorf-friendly recipes, ways to work in Montessori habits, and delicious recipes. Now I’m off to roast some bones so I can scrape out the marrow…