Katie Grace in March


So, what’s my third grader up to this March? Here’s a summary.

Christian Ed: She’s getting to know her new Bible she received for her first communion.

Math: We spent the first half of the month reviewing the four processes. Now we’re moving onto multiplying double digits and next week we’ll look at more complex multiplication. The base ten blocks are really helpful in explaining regrouping.

Language Arts: We’re continuing to work through Catholic Heritage Curricula’s Catholic Speller. Handwriting is covered though copywork. We’ve been a bit lax on creative writing/the writing process, and for grammar we’ve been visited by The Grammar Witch.

Reading: Earlier this month, Katie Grace read an abridged version of Tom Sawyer. Now she’s reading Girls to the Rescue, and she’s really enjoying it.

Main Lesson: In addition to the math review above, we’ve also been exploring flood stories from around the world.

Science: She’s been exploring weather concepts, including lots of hands-on experiments.

Social Studies: We’re continuing through Story of the World, Volume 3 and are actually almost finished! Some topics this months have been Napoleon, abolition, and Lewis and Clark.

Art and Music: Katie is really enjoying violin. She’s doing incredibly well (if I do say so myself!)

(Sorry she’s on her side!)

She’s also taking an art masterpieces class at co-op.

Physical Education: It’s almost recital time at St. John School of the Arts, and we’re all very excited. She’s also involved in Girls on the Run, a great program.


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    Congratulations on first communion! Such a special time!

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    Thank you! It was so sweet to see them all up there.

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