Katie Grace’s Main Lesson: Flood Stories and Math Review


What do flood stories from different cultures have to do with a review of the four math processes?

Not much, LOL! But they’re two things I really wanted to hit on this third grade school year, so we’re squishing them together and seeing what happens.

We have tried to make some connections. We reviewed skip counting and multiples of two when we touched on the Noah’s Ark Bible story– we hit on it more in depth earlier in the school year— but to be honest, I’d rather have things feel disjointed than forced, so mostly we’ve been playing math games that review concepts that we’ve already studied and then maybe learning a little something new. Well, not quite new, but something that stretches what we already know. This week we’ve been learning about sad Prince Prime who didn’t think he had any friends, but then found many, many buddies using the Sieve of Eratosthenes. We found this story in Melisa’s A Little Garden Flower. Tomorrow we’re going to make a factor tree forest, and next week we’ll move into multiplying a double digit by a single digit.

After we finish with the math portion of the lesson, we cuddle up and read a flood legend. We’ve been using a great book, Stories of the Flood by Uma Krishnaswami. The illustrations are lovely.

After, we might draw a picture or do an art project that goes along with the story. It may not be the most put together main lesson block in the world, but we’re having fun.


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    You’re welcome! We really enjoy the Family Math book.

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