Katie Grace’s Main Lesson: The Life of Jesus


I’m not sure what prompted me to choose this as a main lesson focus this month. It’s not a Waldorf main lesson. I think it might be recommended in the Ambleside third grade course of study. It seemed like a natural jumping off point from Christmas.
The two main books we’re using are Tomie dePaola’s Book of Bible Stories and, later in the month, The Parables of Jesus, also by Tomie dePaola. They’re really lovely books, beautifully illustrated, and the retellings of the stories are very true to Scripture.

We started off with discussing where we find stories about the life of Jesus. We discussed Scripture and Tradition, and the role both have. We also talked very briefly about how different denominations regard Tradition, and that all Tradition had to be supported by Scripture. We found the four Gospels, and she made a main lesson book page:

Speaking of main lesson books, we made our own this time, using this tutorial over at Our Little Nature Nest.

We started off with the Annunciation. Here is a Scripture verse Katie Grace used for copywork, as well as a narration she illustrated.
She also made a beautiful angel snowflake and a window transparency.

Then we moved on to the birth of Jesus. Here we have copywork from another verse and Katie Grace’s own summary and illustration
She also retold the story using our Nativity figures before we put them away. Daniel helped.
She also did a watercolor painting. Unfortunately, we’re still having issues with the colors running together. Anyone have any advice for us?

Today we moved on to the visit of the Magi. Very fitting on Epiphany! Tomorrow, she’ll do some writing about what gift she would bring Baby Jesus, as well as a few other activities.


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    Hi, I suspect this is probably going to be a little old for Katie Grace, but have you ever thought of looking at some of the medieval carols which tells stories about Jesus' childhood? One is Crown of Roses which is in the Oxford Carol book and The Bitter Withy which has recently been recorded by Kerfuffle. (this can be downloaded from Amazon.co.uk

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    Actually, that sounds like something she would really enjoy. Thanks for mentioning it!

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    Colors running together? Maybe try a clear wax crayon in between lines… Jenny

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    Thanks for the tip! We'll try that. I keep trying to persuade her to wait and let things dry a little before moving on, but patience isn't her strong suit.

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    Do not worry about the colors running together. They do that. These paintings should be more about the feelings the colors & movement evoke. I think her painting looks perfect as it is.I can see what it is about. The golden in the middle I can see is the wooden nativity, but more importantly the yellow shinning from the center is symbolic of christ. I think she gets that, whether it is conscious or not. For
    the lower grades painting is still about mood. Please do not create lines with wax. It is supposed to be fluid. Greater control of the paint will come. It is pretty early for her to be able to do that.

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