Katie Grace’s Main Lesson: The Grammar Witch

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We’ve been visited by a dear little friend this month- the grammar witch! She’s helping us sort out how to write letters, capitalization, and sentence fragments. I hope to have more details about the grammar witch as she continues to take Katie Grace on adventures through the English language. Next stop– punctuation potions!


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    What a lovely idea 🙂 I have a daughter a year younger than yours so will be borrowing this (we have some Letts Wizard Maths books which I’ve hijacked for our more waldorf approach).

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    I love this! Is there a book you’re getting this from or are you making it up as you go? I would be ecstatic to be able to do this with my little girl!

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    I’m actually working on writing this all out as a book that can be used with the early elementary set. I’m very excited about it, because my daughter is having tons of fun with it.

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