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Rainforest Adventure

Katie Grace and I are having so much fun with our rainforest main lesson block!
Last week, she made a vine. The big leaves are the hundreds, 100 through 1,000.
Then we added flowers for the tens. We were going to add bugs for the fives, but that seemed very labor intensive.

Now we’re drawing/coloring pictures on rainforest animals, and she’s practicing writing her number words. She’s also writing a page about each animal and drawing a picture.

It’s math! It’s science! It’s social studies! It’s spelling! It’s creative writing! It’s research! It’s handwriting! It’s reading!It’s art! It’s homeschooling at its finest!

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Rainforest Adventure

Phew! Another year, another vacation church school over and done. Michael was asking everyone what their favorite part was. He seemed a little insulted when I told him my favorite part was dropping everyone off and leaving with the baby. ‘Tawsn’t necessarily the way it was, though. Several days I ran some errands for supplies and visited with the staff. Plus youth group kids kept stealing Daniel, which made it difficult to get away. One morning, I actually left him there with Chip for a couple hours so I could come home, do laundry, the gardening, supper prep, etc. It’s amazing how relaxing even chores can seem when you’re doing them child-free!

Sunday night while we were getting ready was a night of firsts for Daniel– first steps, first pizza!

Chip sent me out to buy decorations. His idea was fake greenery, but good gravy, that’s expensive! I bought lots of 77 cent a yard netting instead. Here are the guys fixing up the Amazon River.

And the girls making fishies for our river.

The centerpiece of the room was a paper chain rainforest” canopy.” I don’t know how well you can see it here, but it was pretty neat!

Nicholas’s group singing at the final program.

Katie Grace in the role of Ruth as her class acted out the story of Ruth and Boaz.

Everyone singing with Michael front and center.

A poorly-lit picture of Chip showing off his t-shirt the kids made for him.

Daniel and Bethany.

Daniel trying to tear down the rainforest.

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