Spotlight on… Katie Grace


Oh, this little girl. I cannot believe how she has changed from this serious little baby with barely any hair

katie_and_her_sling_166x250to this absolutely lovely, self-confident young lady.

Katie Grace has successfully made the transition from homeschooling/cyber schooling this year. We were so pleased when she was accepted to the local public creative and performing arts magnet school as a vocal arts student. She’s 14 now– spunky, sassy, and such a comfort and friend to me.

She’s given up ballet classes and instead directs much of her energy towards singing, both at school and in the Concentio Touring Choir at the Pittsburgh School for the Choral Arts. (Seriously, listen… It gives me goosebumps every time!)

Additionally, she is dipping her toes into theater and opera. We even got to do a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, Utopia Limited, together!

She shares my love of musical theater as well, moving from all things Sondheim to Matilda to Fun Home to her latest obsession, Hamilton.

(If you let it play through to the next two videos, you can see the rest of the song and her monologue from Matilda as well.)

In addition to her musical pursuits, Katie Grace is also involved in the Feminist Student Union and the Gay/Straight Alliance.  She’s an avid reader, a young social justice warrior– and I mean that in the best of ways– and an amazing big sister. I always thought when I had a teenage daughter, I was destined to be constantly at odds with her. I haven’t found that to be the case at all. She is such a joy in my life.

PS: I am looking for some videos to add to Michael’s spotlight page as well.


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    Wow, she’s really talented! Thanks for sharing that; it’s
    great to “get to know” your children better.

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