A B See!


I wanted to share some of links for inspiration I’ve found while Nicholas and I have been wending our way through Fairytale Land, learning the first three letters of the alphabet. They aren’t even necessarily things I’ve made or done, just beautiful and inspiring!

Fairy Tale: Star Money
Book: The Falling Stars ill. by Eugene Sopko
The A is found in the star, and is also the sound we make when we see great beauty: “Ah!”
A Star Money transparency
Star Money beanbags on Etsy
Star Baby on Etsy
Felt Star Crown from BellaLuna Toys
Kinderkram Falling Stars mobile– We actually have this one. This is my favorite fairy tale in the world!

Fairy Tale: Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Book: Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Jan Brett
The B is the shape of the bear.
A wooden playset on Etsy
Another playset; this one is felt and wood.
Three Bears felted balls
Lots of ideas in this Goldilocks and the Three Bears unit
A lovely Three Bears party

Fairy Tale: Puss in Boots
The C is the curl of the cat’s back.
An audio recording
Sweet little cat rattle
Cat and babies
Travel Kitties on Flickr!
Sleeping kitty from clay