And to think, we saw it on Mulberry Street!


We went driving up and down our town’s Mulberry Street today to see what we could find. Unfortunately there were no marching bands or elephants! Before we went, we tried writing our own tall tales.

As I was out walking I saw a big blue ball. But it couldn’t be a big blue ball. It was a round blue whale. And to think that I saw it on Eldred Street!

What’s that in the tree? A nut. But it’s not. It’s a spider. No it’s not a spider. It was a ladybug. No it wasn’t. It was a dail, a cross between a dog and a whale. But it isn’t. It’s the almost extinct yarble.

I used to be plain, boring, and lame.
I saw everything as it was.
Then one day I thought that I would jot down all of the things stuff could be.

A fish for instance, quiet and small.
Nothing very exciting at all.
But why a fish? Why not a whale?
A big huge whale with a polka dot tail.

Now how about babies? Sure they’re cute.
But sometimes I wish there was something they could do.
I know! A human baby is much too plain.
But a martian baby must know a good game.

So if you feel dull and plain,
Just turn ordinary things INSANE.


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