Punctuation Poems

One thing I love about third grade is that it’s the year we start a more focused study of English grammar. Up until now, it’s all been rather subconscious. We’ve written nouns in blue and verbs in red and modeled the importance of beginning sentences with capital letters and ending with punctuation, but we haven’t been explicit up until this point.

We started the year with the Creation story. Adam naming the animals was the perfect place to begin with nouns. And the wild beasts gave us a good place to begin with verbs. From there, we used describing words, adverbs and adjectives.

We’ve now moved into punctuation. When Katie Grace was in third grade, we approached the topic by way of the grammar witch and punctuation potions. Nicholas is right in the middle of Noah’s Ark, and punctuation seems to fit right in.

What do you want me to build, Lord?
You want me to build an ark!
I will obey.

What are you building, Noah?
An ark? How silly!
Look at what Noah is building.

Poems and verses always help learning along. Here are a couple we’ve been using.

I am the period.
I love to rest.
All sentences stop at my request.

I want to know
What is your name?
Where do you live?
What is your fame?
What answer will you give?
The question mark am I,
And can you tell me why?

Whoopee! Hooray!
Look out! Make way!
I’m here! I’m there! I’m everywhere!
Whatever the excitement rare,
The exclamation point is there!

These were all in my Oak Meadow Third Grade Syllabus, unattributed, but they also are in A Journey through Time in Verse and Rhyme and attributed to Dorothy Harrer. Sloppy, sloppy, Oak Meadow!

I love these punctuation gnomes of Etsy, and they’re made by Mama Westwind, one of my favorites! There’s just something about how she shapes the little gnomies’ hats.

See you tomorrow for Waldorf Wednesday!


  1. ooh, what a surprise! Thanks for including my punctuation gnomes!


  2. Hi! I love this! Mine is only in First Grade, but we have A Journey Through Time….. I will definitely not forget to use it! Bookmarking it now!
    Thank you!

  3. Pinning this for later. My girls already love having poems for writing letters and numbers, so I am sure they will like this when we get there!

    1. Author

      Great! The Dorothy Harrer book has lots of wonderful ideas.

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