This week we’re participating in a Kids’ Writing Workshop over on MDC based on Jack Prelutsky’s book Scranimals.

This first one is Katie Grace’s (age 6). It’s a Piggolo, a combination of pig and piccolo.

The piggolo squeals
And rolls in the muck.
He gets all dirty
And his holes get stuck.

He goes to his bed
And lies down in the hay.
His mother picks him up
And washes him–YAY!

He squeals a shrill
And whistling tune.
He squeals so loudly
That it bounces off the moon.

And here is Michael’s (9). It’s the Avocadness Monster, a combination of the Loch Ness Monster and an avocado.

Some think you’re scary
And enormously hairy,
But I think you’re sweet
‘Cause if you’re real, your to eat.
The Avocadness Monster
Might be real or not, sir,
But one thing is sure–
If you’re a fruit, we want more!


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    This is a lovely blog. I wish I were your child! I work in the children's department of a small public library and am doing a Scranimals craft to celebrate Jack Prelutsky's birthday.
    I love your children's artwork and poetry.

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    Thank you so much!

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